Welcome to the Home of the Library Learning Commons at New Germany Rural High School.  Here you will find out what is happening in this space, what is coming up and what was successful in the past.  I welcome you to, just as you would in a library, get comfortable and do some exploring!!


Above, you will see pictures of both last year and this year.  From last year are pictures of the Brilliant Labs Cart that was on loan to us for six weeks.  The student enjoyed exploring and creating with all the many articles in the cart.  There is a picture of a bracelet that was made by a student with supplies from our Maker Space.  These supplies are constantly changing and are there for any student to be creative!!  The students are welcome to come and use anything that is there.  Logan Acker shared some of his awesome artwork with us at the beginning of last year.  Some lovely ladies had a couple of Nitting and Netflix free periods and some others tried their hand at sewing.  I have a couple of talented art students who are painting some book spines on the brick columns between the windows.  It should look awesome when it is finished.  I will post pictures of the finished product!  There is also a picture of the Makerspace with all the wonderful supplies that we have for the students to access.


I am always open to donations of books for the libray and "things" for the MakerSpace.  Please contact me first with the titles of the books, to make sure that they are not duplicates of what is already here.  A list of some of the items wanted for the MakerSpace is:


mason jars

fabric and sewing supplies

toilet paper tubes

paper towel tubes


board games

clean foam trays

cereal boxes

craft supplies


If you have something that you are wondering if it would be of use, please just email me to check first.


Check out the library's youtube book trailers:

 and the Lunchtime Learning:


Here are some very good websites for READING!!!


REMINDER:  The Library Learning Commons is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30 - 2:00.  It is CLOSED on Wednesdays.


Mary Wagner