Locker Policy

Lockers are provided as a convenience. Students are responsible for keeping their lockers clean and orderly. No decorations are allowed on the outside of the locker.

Lockers must be kept locked while you are not present. This year, students will rent locks from the school. Students will be responsible for the replacement cost of locks not returned at the end of the school year.

Lockers and the locks securing them are school property and therefore are subject to search by School Board employees, agents or by the police. Lockers can be searched without notification to students or parents if deemed necessary by the school administration.

A record of locker assignments will be kept with each homeroom teacher and in the main office. Any student changing their assigned locker must notify their homeroom teacher for approval and record keeping purposes.

All lockers are property of the school. It is expected that students will treat them with respect. If lockers are damaged or defaced, students are to inform the ofice and the student responsible will be asked to pay for the damages. or clean the locker.

Students are advised not to share their locker combinations with others. Locker assignments, combinations and changes will be handled through the main office.