NGRHS Code of Behavior

1. The Student Code of Behavior was developed through input from the teaching staff and the School Advisory Council (consisting of representatives of parents, students, staff and community).

2. The Student Code of Behavior has been designed to encourage the following positive and appropriate behaviors that are listed in the South Shore Regional School Board Policy manual:

(a) Behaviors which increase the potential for the student to achieve in school (i.e. preparedness, use of effective listening skills, productive work habits, etc.). Be responsible.
(b) Behaviors which promote goodwill and harmony among family members of the school community (i.e. tolerance, acceptance, respect, fairness, etc.). Be respectful.
(c) Behaviors which increase the potential for the student to be an active contributing member of society (i.e. involvement in civic and social opportunities/events, involvement in co-curricular activities, etc.). Be inviting.

3. Positive behaviors allow students and staff to function in an effective and safe learning environment. Recognition for positive behavior will include calls home, postcards, announcements, Super Saints awards, verbal recognition, and praise, assemblies, etc.

4. School Guidance and our Positive Behavior Support teacher are available to provide assistance to all students as well as agencies such as Family and Children's Services, South Shore Drug Dependency, South Shore Mental Health, RCMP; or other such similar groups in addition to the student support services.

5. Each teacher will post their own classroom expectations developed through the school matrix and collaboration with students. These expectations are modeled and directly taught by all staff.

6. The Code of Behavior will be reviewed annually and revised as necessary prior to the beginning of each school year.