The Five Point Plan

The FIVE POINT PLAN: Responsible, Respectful and Inviting Behavior

New Germany Rural High has adopted the discipline procedure: "5 Points to Responsible, Respectful and Inviting Behavior." The move to this style of behavior monitoring is based on the best practices demonstrated by other Junior and Senior High Schools. We believe this procedure will be an effective and positive step forward for students and staff. It will provide the necessary communication with parents/guardians, while empowering our students to learn from mistakes as they continue their journey through life.

The following outlines the FIVE POINT PLAN procedure:


Point 1: Friendly Reminder by the teacher.
Point 2: Student/Teacher Conference.
Point 3: Detention (Up to two 20 minute lunchtime detentions)
Point 4: Parent Contact + Detention (Up to two 20 minute lunchtime detentions)
Point 5: Automatic Office Referral

The behaviors that warrant an immediate referral to the office leading to suspension are:

  • Endangerment of self or others
  • Prohibited article or substance
  • Serious verbal abuse toward another student or staff member

* All classroom teachers have this procedure posted in their classrooms.


A student has the opportunity to move back one point for each "POINT FREE" week. We hope this will further promote responsible, responsible and inviting behavior in our students.