Evaluation Format 2012-2013

Evaluation Format 2011-2012

New Germany Rural high School has implemented the new provincially mandated report cards. As a result, no numerical grades will appear on the report cards for grade 7's and 8's. Letter grades will replace numerical grades. These letter grade represent the following:
A: The student is consistently meeting and/or exceeding curriculum outcomes.\
B: The student is usually meeting curriculum outcomes.
C: The student is sometimes meeting curriculum outcomes.
D: The student is rarely meeting curriculum outcomes.


Grade 9
One set of exams shall be written in English/Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. In Grade 10, 11 and 12 exams are written in many course at the end of each semester. All exams are to be offered by course, not by class. Grade 7 and 8 students do not write exams.

School Exam Exemption Policy
There shall be no exam exemptions except that students on Individual Program Plans (IPPs).

Grade 9-12
Final grades in all full year courses and semestered courses will be determined considering all work completed throughout the semester.

Full Year:
Students will receive a report card four times throughout the year (Mid Semester 1, Semester 1 and Mid Semester 2 are all indicators of student progress and Semester Two is to indicate the final grade).

Semestered students will receive a report card two times throughout the year (Mid Semester One is an indicator of student progress and Semester One is to indicate the final grade).

Grade 9 courses with examinations:
Examinations are written in June in Math, English, Social Studies and Science. Each exam is worth 20% of the course grade.

Grade 10 to 12 course with examinations:
Examinations are given in a number of courses. Each exam is worth up to 30% of the course grade.