These forms are documents that can be printed off at home, completed and returned to the school. As so many of them require signatures we would ask that you not e-mail them to the school.

Activity Release Form: This form is used by the school as a permission form for parents to complete when their child is participating in a school function such as sports, clubs or class trips. The form is generally returned to the organizing teacher.

Parent Driver Form: This form needs to be completed by parents who wish to become approved drivers for school functions. Parents who do not complete this form are not allowed to transport students, other than their own, from the school to any school related functions. This form must be accompanied by Criminal Record Check (form in office), and photocopies of vehicle registration, insurance and driver's license.

Facility Use Form: This form needs to be filled out by parties interested in using the building for activities or meetings. This form needs to be signed and approved by the administration.

Provincial Code of Conduct Document: This document outlines and details the expectations for student behaviour and conduct while in the public school system.

School Communication Plan: This document details the various methods in which teachers communicate with students and parents, as well as expectations for communication with teachers.

Student Attendance Matters Document: This document details the new provincial attendance policy, and should help parents and students understand the importance of regular attendance.