New Germany Rural High School

44 School Street

New Germany, NS

B0R 1E0

ph: 644-5000

fax: 644-5010

email: ngrhs@ssrsb.ca


Mission Statement:

 "To engage all students in quality, equitable education within a healthy, safe and respectful environment. "


Continuous School Improvement Goals:

Throughout the year staff and students have been working hard to meet our two school improvement goals.  In conjunction with our School Advisory Council and Student Council, last year and throughout this year, the following two goals were developed and will continue to be the framework for our school improvement until 2016.
Student Achievement Goal:
By May, 2016 the percentage of students from grades 7-12 who meet or exceed expectations in writing will improve.
School Performance Goal:
By May, 2016 the percentage of NGRHS students who report being interested, motivated and intellectually engaged in their learning will improve.
We look forward to working together with the entire school community to achieving these goals.