Back Road Closure Plans

Back Road Closure Plans are an important piece of information for families who make use of our busing system. When road conditions are poor, our drivers will often only travel on paved roads, and the Back Road Closure Plans are in effect. Also note that if buses are using their Back Road Closure Plans in the morning, they will also be used for afternoon runs.

Check out the links for your child's Back Road Closure Plan.

For New Germany Rural High our bus drivers are:

Route 280 - Wayne Slauenwhite
Route 282 - Annette Mader
Route 283 - Russell Ramey (Barry Meisner)
Route 284 - Michael Zwicker
Route 285 - Robbie Fillmore
Route 286 - Wade Ramey
Route 287 - Una Rhodenzier
Route 288 - John Taylor
Route 289 - Shirley Moore
Route 290 - Brenda Russell