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2016-2017 Newsletters

Our winter newsletter is up, so check out what is going on in New Germany. Check out the events going on at New Germany Rural High School in our newsletters.



NGRHS is a “Nut Aware” School. We have students with severe life threatening allergic reaction to nuts (peanuts and tree nuts). This allergy can be so severe that even trace amounts of a nut can be fatal. This means no nut products can be brought to school

We thank you for your cooperation, and understanding of these precautions. We are requesting your support to ensure a nut aware environment is maintained to the best of our ability. We are asking students, parents and staff’s support by checking all food items to ensure they are nut free before bring them to school

FYI: Regarding School Threats

The following message has been published by the SSRSB in regards to threats made to public schools over the past couple weeks. If there are concerns, please feel free to contact the office and direct your concerns to our administration. Please take time to read the official release in the attached document.

New Year and New Initiatives for Students & Teachers

As we head into year two of Nova Scotia's Action Plan for Education, there are many more exciting initiatives for students at all grade levels‎ this school year.


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